Marclear was established in the 1980’s and came into present ownership in 1995. The company was acquired with the intention of developing the sale of high quality “antifouling paints” and associated products under the Marclear brand name.

In a world dominated by huge international companies many of the advantages of being a family owned and run business have disappeared, but not all of them, or so we believe at MARCLEAR. Our believe is that a company with a limited range of very high quality products and the flexibility to work honestly and closely with a selected group of like-minded people can still forge a place for their products and services to the ultimate benefit of  everyone including the final users of the products.

However in today’s difficult economic climate small companies need a very clear strategy if they are to remain viable in a rapidly changing world. We have restructured our products, manufacturing and marketing objectives to meet the challenging times in which we find ourselves.

What are we doing differently to before and to other companies in the antifouling market place?

No minumum order quantities, no more money tied up in stock

We consider all our clients large or small to be of equal importance and therefore we will treat everyone the same by offering an exceptional value “One Trade Price” irrespective of whether your order is for 1 can or 1,000 cans with next working day delivery on the UK Mainland, free of charge if your order is for 12 or more cans.

you always get the best possible price

We now manufacture in our own facilities in both the UK and Spain on a weekly basis thereby ensuring your order is always freshly manufactured and by buying direct from the manufacturer and cutting out the middlemen you always get the best possible price. NEW: We have introduced a new re-sealable over-sized can which make stirring and keeping the product in good condition as easy as possible.

45% copper oxide content

We have completely revised our product formula making application much easier and by way of our own production we can guarantee each can has a 45% copper oxide content, (almost 2 kilos in every 2.5 litre can).

30 year experience in antifouling matters

We have introduce a new Freephone number 0800-464-0645 which is available 7 days per week to place your order or access our no obligation Antifoul Helpline where we will be happy to give you free advice on any antifouling related matter from our 30 year experience in antifouling matters.

Marclear Antifoul Application Service

We have a fully guaranteed “ Marclear Antifoul Application Service” available at the disposal of our clients in many areas of the UK.

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